A new day, a new phone

I got a package on Wednesday, ripped it open, and found my shiny new iPhone 5 inside!!

This is the first smart phone I’ve had in about 5 years, so I’m a little behind the times with things. For example, I’ve never had a data plan with my network. Because of that, I’ve decided to use mobile data for the next month, as if it was wifi/free in an attempt to gauge how much data is a reasonable amount to use.

I’m on meteor at the moment, and I have two options for mobile data, 500 MB or 1 GB, on my pre-pay plan. I have a feeling this isn’t enough, but we’ll see what happens at months end.

I have access to fast 60MB/s wifi at home, so ill only be using mobile data when in college or on the road.

Data here is an accumulated total of up and down streams, and is also a running total.


Data Gathering:

Day 1 : 10 MB
Day 2 : 141.6 MB
Day 3 : 204 MB
Day 4 : 250.4 MB
Day 5 : 283.6 MB
Day 6 : 308 MB
Day 7 : 356.1 MB
Day 8 : 388.8 MB
Day 9 : 398.6 MB
Day 10: 400.1 MB
Day 11: 405.6 MB
Day 12: 406.7 MB
Day 13: 421 MB
Day 14: 448.3 MB
Day 15: 450.2 MB
Day 16: 478 MB
Day 17: 493 MB
Day 18: 557 MB
Day 19: 583 MB
Day 20: 608 MB
Day 21: 610 MB
Day 22: 682 MB
Day 23: 706 MB
Day 24: 766 MB
Day 25: 790 MB
Day 26: 815 MB
Day 27: 831 MB
Day 28: 833 MB
Day 29: 840 MB
Day 30: 876 MB


Disclaimer: I received 30 days free Internet up to an allowance of 1 GB with Meteor. This is available to everyone the first time they add an Internet add-on to their pre-pay package. (Normally costs €10 per month). Meteor did not ask me to write this article.

I thought it might be useful to say what apps I’ve been using most, and what sort of usage, too!

In order of most data usage (estimated):
Mail (pooling 3 email addresses),
DublinBus RT,

I rarely use any other mobile data app; that being said, I would have to wager that Instagram is taking up at least 50% of the usage, loading and sending pictures is expensive in comparison to loading a few bits of text from Facebook/Twitter (however frequent).

I’m just over halfway through the month, and I’m just about to pass the limit on the first package from Meteor! This leads me to believe that 500 MB per month is simply not sufficient.

UPDATE: Graphs have now been added. I’m really surprised that Monday’s came out as the most data hungry day. With a proper look at the data set, and taking average MB per day, rather than the raw data, we see that the results are similar, but less warped by that first monday which used a huge amount of data ( > 124 MB in one day!)


Colours represent different weeks during testing. (30 day testing period)

The adjusted results with averages are below. This gives a much clearer image of where the data was being used. Interestingly enough, the days with most data usage are also the days that I have more free time in college.

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 17.26.11

So, I finally made it to 30 days, surprisingly I did not pass the 1GB limit! That being said, my usage was around moderate. On the weekends it was very low, since I’m always near wifi during the weekend. Also, since doing this, my college has decided to allow mobile devices on the wifi there! So my data needs should be sated by a 1 GB per month.

All things considered, 1 GB / month is just about sufficient. I really feel the 500 MB bundle is simply too small. I’d like to see a doubling of the current bundle sizes, with the price remaining the same. Other networks have unlimited data, or 5 GB monthly limits, which is more in line with what I’d expect! You don’t want to be sitting on the line of going over your data package every month. To reiterate, I feel a 1GB/Month bundle should be the least you can get. I wasn’t using mobile data sparingly, but I certainly wasn’t using it intensively, either!

What network are you on? How much data is enough? How much is too much? Leave a comment with your thoughts.


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