The year in review


This is going to be an informal, personal post about everything 2012. So only part of it will have anything to do with work, web dev or Computers in general.

Read on to see what I got up to for the past year.

As we come to the end of 2012, I thought it was appropriate to look back and make a record of everything I’ve done this year, big life events, and general things of note.

I was considering doing this chronologically, but I’ll just write things down as they come to me. It’s easier to see which things had a bigger impact on me, that way!

So, lets see, the biggest thing that happened to me was I passed all my exams in Trinity College Dublin. I really love this University, and it was a big deal for me to pass all my exams because it was my first year in trinity (I transferred from another college). I wasn’t sure how hard I was going to be marked, and put myself under quite a considerable amount of pressure to get good grades. Since then, I’ve found that Trinity is the place for me.


This year, I finally picked up the courage to drop 800 blips on a phone. Not just any phone, but an iPhone 5! A few years ago, I bought a MacBook Air, and was a tiny bit disappointed with the storage capacity. I didn’t want that to happen with my phone, to bumped up to the 32 GB version. To date, I use it all the time (I’m writing this on it) and I couldn’t be happier! My last smart phone was a Sony Ericsson P10i which was amazing and expensive at the time. That was years ago, and I hadn’t had a data plan with my network back then. So I got my first data plan, and wrote an article and review about that a few months ago.


I worked all summer, on more projects than ever before! I’ve written a few articles about some of the jobs I’ve done this year, some trials and tribulations, and even some plain mistakes I’ve made.

I started blogging much more often, and I think I’ll keep it up. Hopefully even more often than the past year, but who knows! I was never much good at writing in school, my English teacher can attest to that! Lately, I’ve read more books than I’ve ever read before. In the last few months, I’ve probably read twice as many pages as I had in all my life, this lends itself to better vocabulary, better sentence construction, and overall a happier me. I’m currently midway through book 4 of A Song of Ice and Fire. I love the story. George R. R. Martin is a genius; I find it difficult to see how he keeps all the characters’ story arcs running in tandem! I highly recommend reading the books!


I cooked my first fully vegetarian meal. I took my own Thai Red Curry recipe and made it suitable for vegetarians, adding butternut squash and mushrooms, in favour of chicken. This was a big deal for me, mostly because I’m a huge advocate of eating meat, but also because I was cooking for guests. I often cook (I’ll be cooking for 11 this Christmas), I really enjoy it, however it is much different when cooking for guests at a dinner party. Particularly when said guests have different requirements, and different tastes. It all went reasonably to plan, and I’m fairly certain it was a success! Go me!

I’ve started down the slippery path of compiler design, in college. Although it is an intense subject, I find it interesting and engaging. I do not think I’ll pursue it further, due to it being so demanding. I’m happy to say I’ll leave it to the experts!

I also started looking at functional programming. This was mind-blowing at first, but after a week it became much easier to see the benefits, and now I’m comfortable thinking functionally. Certain tasks can be solved in a few lines, with much of the boilerplate extracted. The bad thing is that it’s easy to write something you don’t understand, or to lose track of your comprehension!

I’ve made a conscious effort to drink less and socialise more. This has been pretty hard for me, but I came to the opinion that it is silly to go and be that guy who has had too much to drink, all the time. I’ve started regularly attending pub standards, a monthly tech/startup community social gathering. I’m finally meeting people in the technology community, who have bright ideas, new companies and innovations, face to face.


I made a mod for an HTML editing program I use. I was sick of editing .conf files without highlighting. So I modified a syntax highlighting package to work with Coda 2. The newest version of Panic’s HTML editor. It wasn’t too difficult, but there wasn’t an alternative out there. I’ve uploaded it to the Internet, and everyone is free to use it!

This year, I’ve probably played the least amount of video games than ever before. My Xbox broke, and I have yet to replace it. I found that I spent much of my time on it, so once it broke, I left it there to see what I can get done without it. Reading, more cooking, writing here, it seems to all be positive! I might simply leave it broken, since it appears to be a good thing. For a while longer, at least!

That’s it for this year, I guess. Did you get up to anything interesting this year? Let me know in the comments, or simply have a read, and have a happy new year!


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