Let’s Talk About: Creating a Series

This is an introductory post to a series of posts titled “Let’s Talk About: X”, where X is the topic of the post.


Empty Pages

How many times have you uttered those fateful words; “I should write more often”?

I should write more often

For me, it happens every time I read something. For you, it could be less frequently; but it still happens. The interesting part is that most people will only write about something that genuinely enthuses them. It could be art, technology, music, cooking, or anything else. At its basic form, writing is knowledge transfer. I want to share my knowledge, not because I’m an expert in everything (or anything), but because only through knowledge sharing comes a greater understanding. That understanding is like a coin, on the one side is the understanding of the domain at hand and the recognition of what you actually know versus that which you kind of know. On the other side of that coin is the understanding of other people’s expertise and comments. Without knowledge sharing, knowledge refinement cannot occur. It’s this process of refining what you know (and identifying what you don’t know) that leads us to an enlightened state where we actually know something about that topic.

I want to write more

This is the leading post in a series of posts I will call the Let’s Talk About series. In this series I will take a topic, and outline my thoughts on it. They might contain hypotheses, facts, misunderstandings, ponderings, falsities, theories, truths or all of the above. This is more an exercise in writing than any one display of domain specific knowledge; but I need help! I really want to engage people in a discussion to find out what other people are doing, rather than simply shouting into the aether and forgetting about the post.

I will write more

I will set aside time to draw. I will set aside time to write. I will set aside time to create. These all need to happen, for creativity breeds ingenuity. Creating is the physical manifestation of knowledge. Knowledge is the product of information sharing. Information sharing requires a medium, and writing is the medium I chose.

Make sure to check out the first instalment in the series: Let’s Talk About: Spatial Memory available on the Let’s Talk About page.


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