My Morning Routine

In this post, I outline my daily morning routine in detail. Routine is great as it can happen nearly autonomously, and doesn’t require a great deal of planning. Events often transpire which will supersede one of these steps ( I’m looking at you Mr. Hangover! ) however, these are the standard steps I take most days.

I first saw one of these by Kyle Ryan on Medium, their version is available here: “My Morning Routine” by kyle ryan

Write, in detail, your morning routine — including which sock you put on first, or whether or not you wear socks. Include every single step along the way, from the warmth of sleep to the drip of the coffee brewer. What does your morning look like?

1. I wake up at the perfect time because I use Sleep Cycle. Sleep Cycle is an application that monitors your sleeping patterns and wakes you up when you’re coming out of REM. This makes sure you wake up in a non-groggy state, and ready for the day’s challenges! My room is normally at a moderate temperature at this time, because during winter the room heats up right before I wake up, and the rest of the year I sleep with a window open in order to not get too hot ( I can’t sleep when it’s too hot, and I have a king size duvet which keeps me just above ambient temperature! )

Sleep Cycle and Apple Health

Sleep Cycle works with Apple Health to provide sleep monitoring

2. I check out Instagram and Twitter, where I get a daily dose of creativity and news respectively. I don’t have a TV in my apartment, just a really large computer monitor, so I have limited exposure to worldly news. This is a good thing because most news is sensationalist nonsense, and the rest is depressing. Just think about it, does watching the news add value to your day? I get just enough news from Twitter to add value, and not enough to waste time, I then get a flurry of artistic and creative content on Instagram to inspire me to do better, and create great things during the day.

3. I take a good hot shower. This includes a beard wash with all-natural products from Lush, to keep my beard feeling soft! I use Kalamazoo for my face, beard, and neck.

A beard needs to feel soft!

A beard needs to feel soft!

4. I brush my teeth, tongue, and then use mouthwash. Don’t scoff at me brushing my tongue! The tongue holds approximately 80% of the bacteria in your mouth that lead to bad breath; clean that thing up, you filthy animal! 🙂

5. I put on trousers, then socks. Left foot first, then right. I cross my legs when putting on socks, so I actually move to the right, then to the left.

6. I moisturise my face and neck. The water in my apartment is quite hard, so I moisturise after the shower. I use Lush Cosmetic Lad moisturiser because I find it works well with my skin type, it is nicely fragranced, and Lush do not support animal testing.

7. I put on the rest of my clothes for the day, which is a simple task because I choose my clothes for the day the night before. I am already wearing my regular jewellery, since I sleep wearing my vintage watch and my necklace. Selecting tomorrow’s outfit the night before is absolutely key to ensuring your mind has plenty of bandwidth to think about the day’s activities. This keeps you focused on the important things, and cuts out the cruft. I have a liberal dress code in work, but I limit my work wardrobe to a handful of items. This totally removes the potential fiasco involved with selecting an outfit each day.

My Vintage Longines Conquest Timepiece

My Vintage Longines Conquest Timepiece

8. I go to the kitchen and I refill my water. I always sleep with a glass of water beside my bed (which is part of the nighttime routine), just in case I get parched during the night. Regardless of if I’ve drank any or all of that water, I empty it out, refill it half way, swirl it around in the glass, empty that out, and then fill it to the top. I then take a drink of some water, and empty the rest.

Numi Organic Tea - A great Earl Grey for the mornings. Try Orange Spice in the evening!

Numi Organic Tea – A great Earl Grey for the mornings. Try Orange Spice in the evening!

9. I either eat or skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast is terrible, but I technically do it every day. Depending on if it’s a weekday or a weekend, I’ll have breakfast in work, or I’ll wake up at noon. In work I normally have a bowl of porridge (topped with berries and honey) or a croissant (plain or chocolate) followed by a Nespresso Roma, at the weekend, it’s already lunchtime so I have a cup of Aged Earl Grey organic tea by Numi. This means that regardless of the day, I don’t eat breakfast in my apartment.


Nespresso Roma – A strong espresso to start the day


That’s my routine (nearly) every morning. Do you have one? What tricks do you do to make waking up easier?




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