Let’s Talk About: @SiliconDrinkabt at @digitalkcon

This is a post on one of my favourite things: Silicon Drinkabout (A.K.A. @SiliconDrinkabt) and a week(end) trip to Sofia in Bulgaria, to attend DigiTalK Conference (A.K.A. @digitalkcon). It is also a post in a series I like to call Let’s Talk About, where I talk about things that i’m passionate about, topics I know nothing about, non-programming related writings, and general ramblings (But they’re crafted with love, I promise!). 


“Silicon Drinkabout is a weekly meet-up for startups and techies to meet like-minded people, have some fun and relax at the end of the working week. The event was born in London in 2011 when Michael Acton Smith gathered a small group of tech friends in a local pub. 3beards founders Ben, Bryce, Mike & Joe took over to make Silicon Drinkabout what it is today.” – 3-beards.com/silicondrinkabout/london


As you might already know, I’m an organiser for the Dublin Chapter of Silicon Drinkabout. As of this moment, the Drinkabout takes place in 17 cities across 4 continents, with more cities wanting to become part of the family!  We recently went to DigiTalK ( @digitalkcon) Sofia, Bulgaria, where we had our first Global Summit. After talking drinkabout, drinkabouters and sharing expertise from our different cities perspectives, we mingled with some really awesome startups, people, VC’s and generally ace people like @ZEDUKI@halsey_eric@uCiC_app,  @RachelFay_ (who is responsible for the great, although unofficial digitalk tumblr), and obviously the bundle of energy that is @StoyanAngelov and the Drinkabout Sofia team!


While at Digitalk, the drinkabout organisers held a panel talk on The Importance of Community. Considering that Silicon Drinkabout is made possible by the wealth of different, and wonderful, people who come to our events across the world, we thought it would be critical to share this super important part of us. Community is everything. This is old news to so many startups these days, since in the community is where you grow brand loyalty (which totally still exists), customers into ambassadors, people into leads, and leads into customers. It’s where you build up that critical mass to make a sustainable business, and it’s where you can turn that business into delightful life-changing experiences for the members of your community.

At Silicon Drinkabout, we know about community; we know who our community is, because we’re part of it. We’re all doers. We’re all doing to different extents, but that doesn’t disqualify us from being a doer. It’s for exactly that reason that the Drinkabout has survived for so long and in such a variety of cities.

The main drinkabout in London recently had its fourth birthday! But really, it feels like there’s a birthday every Friday. We try our hardest to create memorable experiences each week, and try to engage with our community in a variety of ways. Essentially, it boils down to a number of friends meeting for some startup chats, but those friends may not have met before. It’s magic to watch it happen in person, and to see these connections unfold in front of us. 


Here are some of the tweets from the weekend, they tell the story much better than i could!  It was a super great time, so i hope you enjoy this glimpse of it! 😄


and even some inception!


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